Uses and Effects of Alpha GPC Choline

Uses and Effects of Alpha GPC Choline

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Alpha GPC choline is one of the best kinds of choline which occurs naturally in human cells. Being a form of choline, it also works as a nootropic, with various benefits for the mind. One of the most crucial neurotransmitters in our brain is acetylcholine. Acetylcholine helps in entering a state of relaxation, being able to make sound decisions, and retaining memory. Choline is needed for the secretion of acetylcholine. This justifies how Alpha GPC choline can be extremely useful for us. Here’s more to how alpha GPC choline can be beneficial.

Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia

Alpha GPC choline can helpful in regulating good memory retention and recall. While in short-term, alpha GPC choline can help by blessing us with better memory, it also has long term benefits. As we age, we might come across age-related memory problems, like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Having alpha GPC choline supplement can help in preventing such mental conditions from affecting us. For people who suffer from these conditions, the condition can even worsen. This is why, having alpha GPC choline doses can help in keeping a check on these memory problems and prevent them from getting worse.

Heart stroke

While alpha GPC choline can help in taking care of heart health, it is seen to significantly help people who have had a mini-stroke. Giving doses close to 1200mg every day after a patient has suffered from a mini-stroke can help in a quick recovery. There have been various researches in this field that have tested patients for the effectiveness of alpha GPC choline. These studies suggest that alpha GPC choline can be sued as one of the major supplements to ensure a person has a better recovery.


One of the most important functions of alpha GPC choline is to promote a better ability to learn. Whether it is being exposed to and learning new concepts or learning a new language, you can make the process better with the help of alpha GPC choline; as suggested by numerous researches. As already mentioned, alpha GPC choline ahs the ability to retain memory better. Since our memory becomes more accommodative, it becomes easier for us to learn, store, and remember new information. This also implies that in case you have a deficiency of alpha GPC choline or choline in general, it would become really difficult to be able to learn.

Better mood

Yet another function of alpha GPC choline associated with our mind is mood enhancement. Alpha GPC choline has the ability to trigger the secretion of various neurotransmitters in the brain. One such important neurotransmitter that can enhance our mood is dopamine. Alpha GPC choline is known as a dopaminergic agent- meaning it triggers the production of neurotransmitter, which in turn has a positive impact on our moods. This is why, alpha GPC choline supplements can be used to ease the symptoms of conditions related to dopamine production, like Parkinson’s disease.

Fights lethargy

Alpha GPC choline is also actively used by athletes and sports persons. Alpha GPC choline helps in combatting fatigue and in turn making athletes feel energetic. Moreover, having alpha GPC choline supplements can also help in enhancing stamina so that athletes can perform physical activity with more vigor and for a prolonged duration without getting tired sooner. Besides physical lethargy, alpha GPC choline can even help in fighting mental fatigue, more commonly known as “brain fog”.

These are the benefits of having alpha GPC choline supplements. You can conveniently find them in drug stores. If you read more about nootropics and do your own research, you can even have another nootropic along with alpha GPC choline for better results. With rare chance of side-effects, choline supplements can be greatly helpful for the mind and body.

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